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Contemporary Dance Compilation edits by Sen Sol (Solange Niessen) 


"Are all ideas already present, floating around in space, waiting to be inserted into one or several wandering humans, just outside of a moment of attention? 


The end of 2021, I am walking around in a house filled with dust and darkness. Cold. Still. So still you can almost hear the stones crumbling from age. I look outside and see a swimming pool and decide to head towards it.

The swimming pool is filled with people that are lost and confused. Their eyes are blurry and their bodies moving unnatural, zombie like.

Not only in the pool, but also around it on the side pool stretchers are people acting freaky weird. It feels like everyone is on drugs and I’m the only sober person. They don’t see me.

I’m not sure what to do here, it feels daunting and uncomfortable.

Suddenly a guy walks into the scene and moves towards me, he looks into my eyes and grabs my hand… Waves of warmth surround my being and my anxiety levels drop to zero.

He takes me back into the house and starts designing new spaces using only the power of his mind and some hand gestures.

Telepathically showing me how to do this... he says; ‘Now it is your turn’. Quickly getting a hold of this I go on spending the rest of my dream creating the most beautiful spaces and interior design styles, replacing darkness and dust with freshness and splendid aliveness.

That guy.. My subconscious mind presented as Monty, whom I hadn’t been in contact with for several years before this happened. 

That day.. Waking up from this dream, after having my usual morning coffee, I checked my mailbox and the guy from my dream, Monty, had sent an e-mail having released a renewed version of ‘I am not your slave’, now called ‘We are Free’.

Somewhat bewildered by the synchronicities around the same person entering at the same time in both dream and waking consciousness, the phase I was in in my life and the message of the song.. I decided to send him an email sharing my experience. 


Very soon I learned about his latest project ‘Open the Door’ and fell absolutely in love with the whole thing, this music coming straight from the universe, this story is our story, all of our stories, the spiritual journey. Listening to these magnificent pieces I started having visions of what this can look like in film and theatre. Ever since we have been developing a stage-play adaptation of the story."

Sen Sol - Co-Producer @ Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality Productions is developing 'Open the door' into a robust and energetic stage-play featuring a full orchestra, contemporary dance and elements of impact theatre to weave this legend on the loom of our imagination into a timeless saga for generations to come.

We plan to have a series of shows in theatres in Europe starting in the Netherlands - one of which one will be recorded by a film crew and produced into a short film to be shown at film festivals.

We are now in the exciting process of putting together an ambitious team of like minded creatives and individuals to make this dream a reality. We want your love, your creative input and your criticism. Contact us for more information.

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