19th-21st August - Music/Art Release @ The Witch and Windmill

Music/Art Release

@ The Witch and Windmill

Witchcliffe August 19th-21st, 2022

We present a very special weekend of events:

Live music paired with oil on canvas

based on a story about the discovery of the unknown

Music/Story: Monty Cash and Anu Grace

Artist: Amanda Forward amandaforwardfineart.com

Two Main shows for 9 part story art and music release - Fri the 19th, Doors open 5pm for art viewing with art sales - Music and Story show commences 6.30pm - $30 entry - Click for Tickets for Friday Main Show Sat the 20th, Doors open 5pm for art viewing - Music and Story show commences 6.30pm - $30 entry - Click for Tickets for Saturday Main Show

"Where magic lives" - Kids show on Saturday the 20th @ 2-3.30pm - $25 per family ticket - Click for Tickets for Kids Show

"Dreams to Reality" - Workshop on Sunday 21st, 2-4pm - $25 per person Click for Tickets to Workshop Cash or Crypto bookings are available please contact us on our Telegram Group - t.me/producingdreams or call Monty on 0422 563 234 Please note there are no refunds on ticket purchases processed, this respects the work of the artists and the time of all involved - thanks for your understanding

"Open the Door" joint art and music release/exhibition on the 19th and 20th An exciting combination of the musical score inspired by traditional cultures from around the world and an oil on canvas interpretation of each piece which also represents each part of the story of Open the Door. Monty Cash and Amanda Forward participate in forming the dreamscape around a legend which tells of a boy who travels through the nameless gate and finds the door within to infinite potential. Join us at 5pm for gallery viewing with art for sale, drinks and nibbles followed by the live music show performed with the story by Monty at 6.30pm Find out more about the music here Find out more about Amanda here Tickets to the 19th show Tickets to the 20th show

"Where Magic Lives" Kids Show on the 20th at 2pm When we welcome our curiosity to really feel new things, we open a

door where real magic lives - the Unknown - the Unk! This place, where

dreams manifest from plain as day, arrives by allowing ourselves to ‘not

know’ - perhaps even linger in the lap of that Great Night sky, unknowing yet safe and held in that wondering. Come journey with us. A musical journey for children through the Door of all Possibility - presented by Anu Grace and Monty Cash. Please kids bring a small piece of nature for a gifting ceremony like a leaf, a honkey nut or a feather. Tickets for Kids Show More info

"Dreams to Reality" Workshop on the 21st at 2pm How do you source inspiration? How do you bridge the gap between inspiration and expression? Are you fluid? Are you intuitive? Are you methodic? Or a bit of everything? Come and experience a sharing session by the creatives behind 'Open the Door' and Dreams to Reality Productions. Artists and musicians who may also have valuable insights are invited to join. Let's flesh it out together and get to the knitty gritty of creation. This workshop is run jointly by Monty Cash and Anu Grace. $25 - Tickets for Workshop

The Venue - The Witch and Windmill Witch and Windmill is an iconic restoration of the Darnells general Store which was the heart of Witchcliffe for many years. Sam Caruso has given his all creating this building of mythic potential and wonder and we are so pleased to be able to stage this production here. Please join our mailing list at the top of the page for more updates. Have a question? Contact us @ info@dreamstoreality.vision