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16th July - Guided Dream @ The Shala

"Open the Door" is an experience designed to expand the mind. Join us for an evening of music, a guided dream, a journey. On Saturday 16th July 6pm at The Shala in Margaret River. Tickets are $25 and includes Chai. Places are limited so booking early is recommended. Tickets here For cash or crypto bookings contact Monty via 0422 563 234 or on Telegram

Open the Door started as a 9 part musical score inspired by a street musician's world travels including to a sufi whirling dervish gathering in Turkey and in the discovery of soulful musics and traditional disciplines in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and the Balkan region.

The story was written to accompany the music but the story had a power greater than expected and the music instead became the soundtrack to the story. Through a path of mere coincidences of dreams coinciding with reality it is now being adapted into a screen-play in the Netherlands by 'Dreams to Reality' featuring contemporary dance, an orchestra and impact theatre.

Spoken and performed with live music using traditional instruments with 'you' as the protagonist, it takes the dreamer through the esoteric concepts of crossing the threshold, entering the unknown and finding the self in the darkness of pure presence. The journey then takes us onto a transformation and into realms of limitless expansion.

Join us and experience a sound feast with eyes closed on an open ocean of timelessness - and maybe discover something else about yourself as well... Contact Monty on 0422 563 234 or for more information or bookings Tickets here Facebook event invite 'A Guided Dream' narrated by Solange Niessen is now available for download Image from Guided Dream at the Shala on the 28th of May

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