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19th July - Kids Show 10am - 12pm @ Druid's Hall, Witchcliffe

A Musical journey for children through the Door of all Possibility

Where Magic Lives is a children’s adaptation of the legend ‘Open the Door' written by Monty Cash. The core of this story is a journey of letting go and trusting the“UNK,” the great unknown, the Tao or whatever you reference wholeness as. The lush musical dreamscape that accompanies this story, born of Monty’s extensive travels thru Europe, adds rich context to Anu Grace’s enactment of the story involving the kids. Together we will soar and swoop, climb and sing, swim with dolphins and rest in silence.

Where Magic Lives offers children a door of Hope and a taste of a very different kind of music with traditional instruments, unusual rhythms, song and dance. Suitable for children 4-11 years.

The first half hour of this show will be an interactive introduction to the beautiful instruments Monty and Anu are using along with a little drumming of simple beats and singing. Especially for home school groups we will demonstrate the instruments we are using and teach some basic rhythms on the drums. Please kids bring a piece of nature with you for a gifting ceremony like a leaf, a honky nut or a feather. Date: Tuesday the 19th of July, 10am - 12pm Tickets are $25 per family - Available at the door - To book message or call Monty: 0422 563 234 Online bookings here FB Invite We have another show booked already on the 20th of August! Join us here:

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