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Monty Cash

"Open the Door began as a nine part musical score inspired by my world travels through Greece, Macedonia, Turkey and the Balkans; from Sufi Whirling Dervish Gatherings and from fellow traveling musicians at Rainbow Gatherings.

The story was written to accompany the score but as time developed the story instead became the core. I am certain that from its emanations and others like it around the world we can face the unknown willingly and walk into new life. The 'power of new' a skill in our collective toolset forevermore."


With the street as his stage, Monty Cash has traveled extensively around the world becoming acquainted with traditional form. From folk, to electronic experimental, to jazzy/blues acoustic with foot percussion, to soundscapes created using traditional instruments and elaborate loop mechanisms - his musical journey is most apparent in his live expression. 

Contribute directly to Monty's endless journey:
A free download from street musician collective from the Balkans:
The Butterfly's Burden by Kelebek Evrimi

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