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'A Guided Dream' is a collaboration between Solange and Monty. Solange's interpretation of the story paired with the first nine parts of 'Open the Door' by Monty to create a timeless dream for the mind to journey as a full length 30 minute meditation. Take a seat or lay down; relax, enjoy and feel yourself on the path of the boy as he ventures into the unknown...





"Open the Door.. coming from Aldous Huxley to The Doors and ages before that, now picked up by a new generation to reveal itself once again.

We keep opening doors, in my opinion there is no final state, and so, the story reveals the cycles we go through, the creative process. Letting go of old beliefs, old patterns, to welcome a new way of seeing, of being.

To be reminded of this process, to integrate this awareness into our existence is an incredible gift that enables us to live life with more joy, more spark, as we are able to break through again and again, as we have been doing before.

Tunnel vision and automated responses work for a while, but looking at the world we live in today, are we ready to open ourselves to embrace the infinite possibilities latent in our collective?"

Solange Niessen,
Co-producer at Dreams to Reality 

Stay up to date with live performances of 'Guided Dreams' on the events page here

Special thanks to "Media Luna Audio"  and Chinese medicine practice "Sigrid Droste" to make a beautiful harmonious space and audio recording equipment available for us!



Experience 'A Guided Dream' with Amanda Forward's artworks painted specifically for each part of the story:

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