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Welcome to Dreams to Reality Productions, We're dedicated to participating in the age old artform of legend. We have written a story which is our seed. It is a story about a boy who willingly casts himself into the unknown and in doing so finds the knowledge to expand into infinite potential. We have a release with art, music, story, kid's show and workshop coming up on the 19th - 21st August @ the Witch and Windmill, Witchcliffe - Check it out here!



When you are ready.. Open the Door. This mystical journey is brought to life by the imagination of artist and spiritual nerd Jessica Berry.


A dreamscape made by Monty Cash using traditional instruments consisting of nine world music compositions with influences from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Tatarstan, Turkey, Greece, Sufi Gatherings and Rainbow Gatherings.


Guided Dream

Allowing the mind of the listener to partake in the journey, wear headphones, sit back.. And enjoy this mystical adventure.

Kids Show

Where Magic Lives: A Musical journey for children through the Door of all Possibility, created in collaboration with Anu Grace.

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Oil on Canvas

A stunning set of oil on canvas interpretations of each part of the story by Fremantle artist Amanda Forward

Stage Play

A stage-play written by our very own Sen Sol of the Netherlands. An adaptation of the original story including contemporary dance to give a lively expression and a timeless theatrical addition to our arsenal of legend.  .

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Join Us. Do you have a collaborative form you would like to contribute to this legend? 

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